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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Amazing Facts -- April 2007

1. A new policy has been introduced in Washington to reduce the crime rate. As per that policy, the person who wants to do robbery or a crime has to inform the police in advance about the crime. Otherwise if he is caught after the crime, the police will treat it as additinal crime.

2. In Alabama state in America, if someone knowingly or unknowingly throw salt on rail tracks, he will be hanged.

3. The traffic police in South Korea should compulsory inform his higher official about the bribe that he has taken.

4. If you wear undergarments (especially underwears) while going out of your house in thailand, then you have to pay fine.

5. Unmarried girls should not fly by parachute on sundays in Florida.

6. The punishment for drunken drivers in San Salvedor is --- Shoot and kill him.

7. But in Urugway it is different, the drunken driver will be given one chance. if he drinks again, then he will be put in jail.

8. In Malaysia the situation for drunken drivers is different. The driver will be put in jail alongwith his wife also.

9. If any woman in Michigan wants to cut her hair, then she has to compulsory take her husband's permission.

10. Encyclopaedia Britannica -- has been banned in Texas. The reason is that it explains how to make beer in the house.

11. In most of the countries Helmet is compulsory while driving Bikes. But in Texas it is compulsory for the cyclists to wear the helmet.

12. Do u know that in Los angels, 2 children should not be put in bath tub at the same time for bathing.

13. Do u know that in Los Angels, the husbands can beat their wives with leather belts, but the belt width should not be more than 2 inches.

14. Do u know that in Chicago, nobody should eat anything at a place where fire accident occurs.

15. In virgenia, if smell of onions comes from the mouth of the school children, the parents have to pay the fine to school.