Friday, December 23, 2016

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Have you heard about these facts !!!

Here are some funny facts for you...

Do you know that.....
  • 80% of antibiotics sold in USA are being used for animals alone.
  • The longest movie produced in "Modern Times for ever".  The movie is produced in Denmark and it takes 10 days to watch complete movie.  !!
  • The number of houses in USA who are taming dogs is 4.6 crores
  • The area of Surinam is 1.63 crore hectares.  91% of this area is only forest
  • Till 449 AD, 25th December was not celebrated as Christ's birth day
  • Screw driver was invented before inventing screw
  • Neeraja Rai of Meerut, India has made the biggest scissors of 7 feet 7 inches size and entered Guinnes Records book
  • The biggest purse was made in Dublin and its length was 12 feet
  • There is a museum of purses in Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands