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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Things that sound too crazy but are true!

Here are few things that sound too crazy  but are true!!!  Please read on...

  • The surface area of Russia is larger than the planet Pluto.
  • If the Sun was the size of a whitel blood cell, then milk way Galaxy would be the size of the United States
  • The number of stars in space are more than the number of grains of sand on every beach in the world
  • There are 1.6 million ants for every human being on this earth.  How ever the total weight of all those ants is about the same as all the humans.
  • It rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn
  • 10% of all the photos ever taken were taken in the last 12 months
  • Your chances of being killed by a vending machine are actually twice as large as your chance of being bitten by a shark
  • The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn
  • There are more fake flamingos in the world than real flamingos.
  • The 10th President of USA is Mr. John Tyler.  He was born in 1790.  He has a grandson who is still alive today
  • A strawberry is not a berry.  A banana is a berry
  • An octopus has three hearts!!
  • There are 10 times more bacteria than your body cells


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Terrifying pre historic creatures that were not dinosaurs

Most of us know only about Dinosaurs which are very giant animals in the olden days.  Dinosaurs were the undisputed rulers of earth for 135 million years.  They would still have been the rulers even today if they were not wiped out by a cataclysmic event 65 million years ago.  Our planet has been around for a period for a longer than that time.  Thinking that Dinosaurs are the only scary animals of the past is completely wrong.

Pre history had no shortage of terrifying monsters with everything from the more well-known Raptors to super cats and three-eyed shrimp.  Our earth was full of scary monsters before dinosaurs came along.  One example is the Gorgonops which is an animal that lived 260 million years ago, way before dinosaurs became the dominant predators.  Gorgonops were of 6 to 10 feet in length and it was a fast and vicious predator.  Gorgonops had massive canines that almost protruded beyond its lower jaw.  Here is a list of terrifying monsters of the past.

Terror Bird :

Terror bird with preyMost of the flightless birds of today like ostrich or penguinare harmless to humans.  But there were once flightless birds which terrorized the earth.   "Phorusrhacidae" which are also known as terror birds which were the largest species of predators in South America around 62 million years ago.  The Terror Birds were nearly 3 to 10 feet tall.  The prey of these terror birds was small mammals  .. and incidentally horses.  These birds used their massive beaks to kill in two ways - by picking up small prey and slamming it to the ground or by precision strikes on critical body parts.

Even though archeologists do not have any reason why this species went extinct, the last of its fossils appeared around the same time as the first humans.

Titanoboa :

terrifying prehistoric creatures titanoboaHave you seen the movie Anaconda?  Was it terrifying movie?  If the movie Anaconda really terrified you, then you can skip reading this article..  Titanoboa is the largest snake that ever existed on earth.  The snake grew upto 40 feet in length and weighed 2,500 pounds.  This weight is almost equal to a grown giraffee.  Titonoboa appeared right around the time after the dinosaurs went extinct.    The Titonoboa is a snake that lived approximately 60-58 million years ago.  This is the longest and heaviest snake evern lived on earth.  

Titanoboa is a snake uncovered from a treasure trove of fossils in a Columbian coal mine.  This snake is revealing a lost world of giant creatures. Titanoboa is almost twice as long as the modern giant snake Anaconda.  The anaconda is around 22 feet long and weighs 500 pounds.  The snake had a diameter of 3 feet at its thickest.