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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Man eating Red Haired Giants found in Neveda's Mysterious Caves

Do you know that once upon a time there lived giant humans on Earth who were man eaters?  These giant humans were more than 12 feel tall.  Here is a story of the Red Haired Giant Humans who lived thousands of years ago on this Earth.  I have read about these red haired giant humans in one of the websites and reproducing the details her.  

Thousands of years ago, giant humans roamed the west.  Those giants terrorized the early native settlers in North America.

Most of the Americans alive today are not aware that once real giant humans roamed the land - the Red Haired Giant Humans.  Most of the Americans believe that the native Americans were the first to inhabit the North American continent.  But there were giant humans who inhabited North America.  These people are the man eating red haired giants.

The native tribal people still speak of those ancient days when their ancestors fought against the man eating red haired giants who were 12 feel or more taller who roamed the land attacking the settlements and brutally carrying off screaming women and children and eating children for food.

The Red haired giants were 12 feel tall.

The Paiutes,  a native American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona,  told about their ancestors' battles with the ferocious race of white, red-haired giants.  According to Paiutes, the giants were already living in the area.   

The Paiutes named these giants as 'Si-Te-Cah' which literally means "tule eaters".  The tule is a fibrous water plant which the giants wove into rafts to escape the Paiutes continuous attacks.  They used the rafts to navigate across the Lake Lahontan.  

As per the Paiutes, the red haired giants stood more than 12 feel tall who killed and ate captured Paiutes as food.  

The Legend

The Paiutes after many years of warfare with the giant man eaters joined together to rid themselves of the giant man eaters.  

One day as the Paiutes and other tribes were chasing the remaining red-haired giants, the fleeing enemies took refuge in a cave ( near Neveda).   The Paiutes and other tribal warriors demanded the red haired giants to come out of the caves to fight,  but they never came out of the caves due to fear because they were small in number and the tribal people were large in number.

The Paiutes waited for few days for the red haired giants to come out of the caves but they did not come out. Frustrated with this, the trial chief ordered the trial warriors to fill the entrance of the cave with brush and set it on fire so that giants would come out of the cave.  But unfortunately only few red haired giants came out of the cave after setting the cave on fire.  Those few man eating giants were killed with lot of arrows by the Paiutes.   The red haired giants who remained inside the caves died due to starvation as they did not get food for many weeks and also due to suffocation.  The tribals waited for few weeks after setting the caves on fire but none of the giants came out.

Later on an earth quake rocked the region and the Nevada cave entrance collapsed. 

How the giant man eaters were discovered?

 Hundreds of years later archeologists explored the caves near Lovelock, Nevada and found the mummified remains of the red haired giants.  

Evidence of the giant humans who were 8 to 12 feet tall still exists in fossil records, tools and other artifacts recovered from archaeological digs. Giant skeletal remains have frightened researchers.

According to the San Diego Union,  August 5, 1947, the mummified remains of giants were discovered buried near the Arizona-Nevada-California wasteland. The giants' remains were still clothed in strange leather garments. The team of explorers tentatively dated the remains as nearly 80,000 years old.  Here is a photo graph of the Nevada cave where red haired giant humans' skulls and mummies were found.    You can also see a photo graph of the giant red haired mummy discovered at Nevada caves.


Confirmation about red haired giants

 As the excavation of the Nevada caves progressed, the archaeologists came to a conclusion that the Paiutes myth was not a myth but it was true.  They discovered lot of broken arrows that had been shot into the cave to kill giants and a dark layer of burned material.

One of the important artifacts which was recovered from these caves of red giants is what some scientists are convinced is a calendar -  a dough nut shaped stone with exactly 365 notches carved  along its outside rim and 52 corresponding notches along the inside.  This was not the final chapter of red haired giants in Nevada.

Again in February and June of 1931, two very large skeletons were found in Humboldt dry lake near Lovelock, Nevada.  One of these skeletons measured 8.5 feet tall and was later described as having been wrapped in a gum covered fabric similar to Egyptian mummies.  The second skeleton was more than 10 feet long. 

Red haired giants discovered in China too!!

There is nothing more known about these red haired giants of North America but there is one more interesting fact about the giant humans.

There is a news that the giant humans were discovered in China too..    About twenty years ago in Northern China a University's archeological dig stumbled upon the burial grounds of 22 strange gigantic men.  Each giant seems to be almost 12 feet long and each was garbed in strange leather armor;  long strands of hair was hung along their skulls ..  red hair.  Here is a photograph of a 9-foot red haired female mummy discovered in China!

Who were these mysterious people that roamed America long before the Woolly Mammoths became extinct? Were they our ancestors or another race of humans like the Neanderthals? Some researchers notice strong similarities with large brained Cro-magnon man.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mishka, the Talking Dog

Have you heard of a talking dog?  Yes there is a dog whose name is Mishka which can talk like humans.  It is really true that a dog can talk.  Mishka is now 12 years old.  Mishka started talking since her childhood.  Mathew Gardea is growing this pet dog Mishka.  Mathew still remembers the Mishka's first words "I Love You!".

Mishka is a siberian dog.  During the last 10 years, Mishka has learned a lot of words and can utter words like humans.  There are lot of videos uploaded by Mathew Gardea on YouTube about Mishka talking words.  The videos has generated more than 20 million hits in YouTube.

One amazing thing about Mishka is that the dog has a Twitter account and a Facebook account.  Mishka has more than 1700 followers in her Twitter account.

Lot of videos are uploaded in YouTube about Mishka.  Watch some of the videos of Mishka below.

Mishka saying  "I Love You"

Video of Mishka saying 12 words


If you want to see more Videos of Mishka,  please watch Mishka's YouTube channel.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watch Transit of Venus on 6th June, 2012 - Your last chanc to see it before 2117

What is Transit of Venus?

The Transit of Venus is one of the rarest astronomical event which happens when the planet Venus passes between Sun and Earth and appears as a black spot on the face of the Sun.

The Transit of Venus happens in pairs of eight years. The last one happened in 2004 and now the Transit of Venus will happen on 6th June, 2012. There are two Transits of Venus in December which repeat every 121.5 years and another two in June which repeat every 105.5 years.

Now we are going to see the last Transit of Venus of the 21st Century on 6th June,2012. The Transit starts at 11:04 PM BST on Tuesday, when it is visible from USA and the final hour of the Transit of Venus will be visible from UK just before 5 AM BST on Wednesday.

In India we are going to see the Transit of Venus on 6th June,2012 from 3:40 AM IST till 10:22 AM IST. But the sun rise in India is at 5:41 AM IST so we can see the beginning of the Transit of Venus only at 5:41 AM on 6th June,2012.

Many people in India are planning to watch the Transit of Venus but you should take extra precautions ( like in a solar eclipse). In the USA and Canada, the Transit of Venus will begin when the dark disk of Venus first touches the outer edge of the Sun, which is called as Contact I. The Contact I will occur at around 6:03 PM EDT ( 2203 GMT) from eastern US and eastern Canada.

The safest way to watch the Transit of Venus is to view it through a pin hole camera. A Pin hole camera is used to form an image of the sun on a screen that is placed about 3 feet behind the small opening. You can also use Binoculars or small telescope to project the magnified image of the sun onto a white card. Please do not look at the sun directly by Binoculars or a telescope.

Here is an image which shows the exact date of visibility of Transit of Venus at various places on Earth.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cool facts about internal organs of human body

The internal organs in human body are very important because they allow us to walk, eat, breath etc. But most of us do not bother much about internal organs. Here are some interesting facts about internal organs of human body.
  • The small intestine is the largest internal organ in human body: Even though you call it as small intestine, it is actually 4 times as long as the average height of a human.
  • The pressure created by human heart can squirt blood 30 feet away : It is very amazing to know that pumping blood through your body creates some pressure which results in strong contractions of the heart and the thick walls of the ventricles which push blood to the body
  • The acid in the stomach can dissolve even razor blades: The acid inside our stomach is so strong that it can even dissolve razor blades. The Hydrochloric acid that is inside your stomach dissolves the food you eat and at the same can also dissolve many types of metals.
  • A new stomach lining is formed every 3 to 4 days: Do you know that the mucus like cells lining the walls of the stomach would dissolve due to strong digestive acids inside your stomach if they are not replaced. So you get new stomach lining every 3 to 4 days
  • The surface area of a human lung is equal to that of a tennis court: Do you know that the surface area of your lung is almost equal to the area of a tennis court.
  • Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart: If you are asked to draw the picture of your lungs, normally you will draw the lungs with same size. But the human heart is slightly tilted to the left which occupies some space on left side which reduces the size of left lung.
  • You can survive even if a large part of your internal organs are removed: Do you know that you can survive even with the removal of the stomach, the spleen, 75% of the liver, 80% of the intestines, one kidney, one lung, and almost every organ from the pelvic and groin area.

Cool Facts about Human Body

Here are some of the cool facts about Human Body. Please read them and enjoy. We all know that Human body is very complex system that still is a mystery to the doctors. Here are some of the interesting facts related to human body.
  • If you take a square inch of our skin, you will find 4 yards of nerve fibers, 1300 nerve cells, 600 pain sensors, 36 heat sensors, 75 pressure sensors, 3 million cells, 100 sweat glands and 3 yards of blood cells.
  • Each one of us are color blind at the time birth.
  • Do you know that blood is a liquid organ.
  • Do you know that food gets into your stomach even if you are standing upside down on your head.
  • More than 50,000,000 of the cells in your body will have died and been replaced with others, all while you have been reading this sentence
  • Human body is 70% water
  • Human body has around 600 muscles
  • If 2/3 of your liver is removed by surgery, it will grow to normal size within 4 weeks time
  • the number of bacteria in your mouth is more than the human population of US and Canada together
  • Each cell in your body has an estimated 6 to 8 feet of DNA.
  • The human heart beats about 3 billion times in a person's life time
  • The number of bones in a new born baby is 350 where as a fully grown human has only 206 bones
  • Your brain itself can not feel pain
  • 80% of your brain is nothing but water
Amazing facts about Human Body.

Interesting facts about human body

Cool facts about Human Body

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baby born without blood

I was reading some magazine and read an article about a baby born without blood in her body. I want to share the information for all. Olivia Norton is a baby born with a very very low hemoglobin count. The fluid pumping through her veins can not be considered as blood. The normal hemoglobin level is 18 but Olivia's level was only 3. The baby was born to parents at Broomfield Hospital in Essex. Olivia was born as six weeks premature baby during the month of September, 2011 and she stopped moving in her mother's womb. Her weight was 5 lbs at the time or birth. The mother of Olivia noticed that there were no movements in the baby. She went to meet the doctors and they said it is an emergency case. The doctors said a baby born without blood cannot survive for more than 2 days. But Olivia was given series of blood transfusions and she was alive. After giving lot of blood transfusions, the baby came out of danger and is safe now.