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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mishka, the Talking Dog

Have you heard of a talking dog?  Yes there is a dog whose name is Mishka which can talk like humans.  It is really true that a dog can talk.  Mishka is now 12 years old.  Mishka started talking since her childhood.  Mathew Gardea is growing this pet dog Mishka.  Mathew still remembers the Mishka's first words "I Love You!".

Mishka is a siberian dog.  During the last 10 years, Mishka has learned a lot of words and can utter words like humans.  There are lot of videos uploaded by Mathew Gardea on YouTube about Mishka talking words.  The videos has generated more than 20 million hits in YouTube.

One amazing thing about Mishka is that the dog has a Twitter account and a Facebook account.  Mishka has more than 1700 followers in her Twitter account.

Lot of videos are uploaded in YouTube about Mishka.  Watch some of the videos of Mishka below.

Mishka saying  "I Love You"

Video of Mishka saying 12 words


If you want to see more Videos of Mishka,  please watch Mishka's YouTube channel.

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