Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heart attack facts

Here are some of the facts related to heart attack.
  • More than 12.5 millions of estimated 32 million heart attacks worldwide are fatal.
  • 14 millions of Americans have a history of heart attack
  • About 50% of the deaths occur within one hour of a heart attack - outside a hospital
  • Sudden death is more common among women with heart attack
  • 52 people in USA die due to heart attack every minute. That makes 4,59,840 heart attack deaths in a year in USA
  • 50% of the people with heart attack wait for more than 2 hours before getting any help
  • 39% of women die within one year after a heart attack compared to 25% of men
  • The risk of another heart attack after first stroke is estimated to be 35% in women and 18% in men.
  • Women take 2 to 4 hours longer than men to respond to symptoms of heart attack. 
  • Chewing an un coated Aspirin right away, at the first sign of chest discomfort can reduce the amount of damage to the heart muscle during a heart attack.
  • Eating fish once in a week can reduce the chances of a heart attack by 52%
  • Heart attack risk can be reduced by changing the life styles - e.g  quitting smoking, obesity, reduce alcohol intake, reduce stress, and increase physical activity.
  • High blood pressure is called as "silent killer".  High blood pressure can lead to heart stroke, heart attack and heart failure and kidney failure.
  • Watching the world cup increases the risk of heart attack.
  • South Asians are prone to heart attacks at a much younger age compared to other people
  • Studies indicate that most common time for a heart attack to occur is Monday morning. Saturday morning ranks the next. 

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