Saturday, January 7, 2012

Step-By Step Guide On Creating A Blog And Making Your Money 1

Step-By Step Guide on Creating A Blog and making your money 1. You can create a blog by visiting a blog and clicking the “create blog” icon on it; or, you can log onto and sign in. 2. Next, you will be required to create a Google account which you will use to access your blog and other operations related to it. 3. You choose a template. There so many templates to choose from depending on what you need. 4. You now go on to setting. Here fill in the required fields which will determine the look and feel of your blog. 5. Next is the “monetize” section where you set up your ad-sense and state how you want the adverts to be i.e. whether banner or not, whether they should be at the side bar or under each post or both. You will also state your contact detail, including how you will be paid. 6. Then you move to the “design” section. This is basically the section where you add the various features earlier mentioned. HOW TO ADD FEATURES ON YOUR BLOG To customize your blog with features, go to the “design” section and click. This will display all the gadgets in the blog. To add a feature, simply click on “Add gadget” and that will bring out a drop-down that displays all the features in blogger. Click on the one you want and when you are done with it, click on “Add” and it is done. Not only do you create these features, you can actually draw and pull them down and position them in the order in which you want them to appear on the side bar.

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