Monday, January 7, 2013

Amazing leviating stone of Shivapur

This is something which is unbelievable!   A stone weighing  70 Kg.  which can float in air.   We know it is extremely difficult to lift a stone of 70 Kg weight even with our both hands.   But it can be easily thrown into air with just forefingers of a few people!!!!!!

Can you believe it or not?   Yes it is true

Shivapur is a small village in Maharashtra state in India near Pune city.  This place is famous for its leviating stone.   The actual story behind this leviating stone is like this.  Qumar ali who is famous for his miraculous power on his death bed requested others to keep a circular stone near his tomb.  He said, " If  11 men place their right index fingers under the stone and call my name together, the stone will be lifted higher than their heads".     Otherwise neither a single person or more than 11 people can not lift the stone even 2 feet.

 Qamar Ali was born in a middle class Muslim  family.  When he was six years old,  he became a disciple of a Sufi Pir ( Great Teacher) who spent his time meditating and fasting.   Qamar Ali died in his late teens and on the death bed, he requested other people to place a circular stone on his tomb ( weighing 70 Kg).  According to the legend, Qamar ali said "If 11 people placed their index fingers below the stone and call my name together, I will cause to rise the stone in the air above their heads".  

Even though Qamar Ali was a Muslim,  the 11 people need not be Muslims.  They can be from any religion.  But females cannot lift the stone.  Only males are allowed to lift the stone.   Any one can try to attempt to lift the stone,  but it never gets lifted unless 11 people put their index fingers and utter Qamar Ali's name.

As soon as 11 men placed their index fingers of their right hands below the stone, count upto three and then utter "Qamar Ali Darvesh!",  the stone would float in the air like a living thing.   The stone would fall on the ground several seconds later with a thud sound.

 The participants in this activity are selected randomly.   This is being done frequently in Shivapura for many decades.   Researchers are unable to explain the mystery behind the leviating stone of Shivapura.  If the number of men is more than 11, then it is impossible to lift the stone into air.

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