Friday, November 19, 2010

Amazing Kangaroo Facts

The Kangaroos are naive of Australia.  These animals are regarded as strange animals.  Kangaroo has head like a deer and can stand up right like man and hops like a frog.   Female Kangaroos have a pouch called as a marsupium in which the children ( called as joeys) complete post natal development.  The Kangaroos are the only animals which use hopping as means for movement.  A red kangaroo's hopping speed is about 20-25 Km/h,  but speeds upto 70 Km/h can be attained.    Here are some of the interesting facts about Kangaroos.

  • A new born Kangaroo weighs only 0.03 ounces and is so small that it can fit in a tea spoon.
  • A Kangaroo can jump upto a distance of 45 feet!
  • A Kangaroo uses less energy if it jumps faster.  That means the faster the kangaroo hop, the less energy they use.
  • A group of Kangaroos is called as a mob.
  • The average life expectancy of kangaroo is about 4 to 6 years but some kangaroos lived upto 23 years.
  • A young kangaroo is called as joey.
  • A male kangaroo is called as buck where as a female one is called as doe or a flier. 
  • Kangaroo always moves forward and never moves backward.
  • Kangaroo have excellent eye sight but only when the object is moving.
  • Some species of Knagaroos live in trees
  • Kangaroo can live many weeks without water
  • There are more knagaroos in Australia than humans

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