Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aakash - World's cheapest Android tablet launched in India

Lot of tablets are available now a days in the market.  But the prices of the branded tablets are more than Rs.15000 or so.  But the world's cheapest android based tablet was launched by Govt. of India recently in the month of October,2011.  The tablet called as Aakash was developed by IIT Rajasthan.  Union Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal has launched Aakash on 5th october,2011.  500 Aakash tablets were distributed to students free of cost on the occassion.

The Aakash tablet will be available to students at a discounted price of Rs.1500 and at a price of Rs.2990 for general public.  In the initial phase around 3000 Aakash tablets were distributed to each state in India and later on millions of units would be available for purchasing by every one.   To know more about this android based tablet,  please read about the Aakash - World's cheapest Tablet computer.

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