Friday, November 4, 2011

Most Amazing Facts about Earth

Here are some of the most amazing facts about the Earth.

  • The Earth is slowing down : The rotational speed of the earth about its axis is changing day by day.  This is due to variation in gravitational forces due to the moon and the sun. 
  • Moon is moving away from earthThe moon's orbit is slowly increasing and growing and moon is moving away from earth.   The moon is receding from earth at a rate of 4 centimeters per year.  But Astronomers predict that when Sun enters the red giant phase in about 5 billion years from now, both the earth and moon will try to come together.  Then the moon will reach the closest point to earth which is around 11,470 miles away from us.  This point is called as Roche limit.  The result is that moon will be torn into pieces and will be scattered to form a 23,000 mile diameter saturn-like ring of debris above Earth's equator.
  • Atmosphere escapes out into space :

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